Saturday, August 21, 2010

Don't laugh - I made a skirt!

I'm not one for feminine clothes. I never wear skirts. In fact, I practically only ever wear jeans.

But this summer I came across a nice tutorial on how to make a shirred top skirt, and it was summer and hot, so I thought why not. Mostly I just wanted to try shirring.

I didn't want to buy new fabric, so I used some bed sheet material I already had and ended up with this:

(Excuse the wrinkle, I sat down in it. That's just one of the reasons I don't like skirts.)

The shirring turned out great, and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be.
It doesn't fall all that nice, but that's just the super starched sheet fabric doing its thing.
So now I have something to wear around the house in these warm summer days. I say around the house, because I would never ever wear this in public. Ever. Like even to take out the trash or open the door for the postman.

I'm only showing it to you, Internet. Don't laugh.