Sunday, January 23, 2011

Basic Blue and a lonely sleeve

Guess what's new! I finally finished the Basic Black cardigan I moaned about in previous posts. Guess what else is new? I don't like it. Well, to be honest, that's not exactly new, I always find flaws in my knitting and I'm super self-critical.
But this cardi seems to confirm my inability to knit anything with set-in sleeves. They're a little tight in the armpits and pull a little too much to
the back.

But the main screw-up is the button-band. The button-band from hell. I ripped and re-knit that sucker three times. Still not good. It puckers and looks weir
d. While I was knitting it, I kept wondering where I went wrong. I finally figured it out THREE SECONDS AGO!!

(please ignore the fridge in the background. And the ironing board. And the 80's mustache on the guy on TV. And the general mess.)

The pattern says to pick up four in every 5 stitches. That wasn't enough, so I picked up every single stitch. Along the stockinette edge where I slipped a stitch on every row to make it look neat. Which means I have half as much stitches on the button-band than I do on the rest of the cardigan front. And that's the reason it pulls up.

Oh, epiphany why has thou come too late?

I don't want to rip and knit that thing again. Do.Not. Want. I'm actually wearing it right now. Paired with old sweatpants, a washed out cotton t-shirt and slippers it makes for a nice house sweater.

Meanwhile, this is what I'm knitting next. Caitlin pullover. One sleeve done. No setting them in. And no button band. Hopefully that means I won't mess it up.

Look at all those ends that need to be weaved in. :-(