Thursday, October 27, 2011

The color of the sky

Finished my gray bag. It's about the same color as the sky was up until right now. Terrible rainy days stopped me from using it - I didn't want to get it wet. But now it looks like it's drying up, so the bag deserves a photoshoot before I put it in use and inevitably spill something on it, scrape it against a wooden fence or pull a stitch.  

So here it is, in all its gray glory. 
This bag was supposed to rid my stash of Marija yarn, but alas, I still have a skein and a half left. What should I do with it? Crochet something? Maybe a pair of simple slippers?

Meanwhile, I'm continuing with my stash-busting mission: I'm knitting the Honey cowl, same yarn as my Equisetum hat. So far, my stashbusting busted 8 skeins. That is a terrible result, I thought for sure I used up more of my yarn. 

Is this a bad time to admit that I've been to Zagreb this weekend and bought a skein of Regia sock yarn?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I almost forgot how much I enjoy making socks. Well, the first sock at least, I always seem to get a slight case of the 'second sock syndrome'. But making socks is awesome, especially that feeling you get when you pass the heel, try your sock on and it actually looks like a sock. I'm very proud of myself in those moments. 

The pattern is Brainless by Yarnissima.
These socks were my first ones done in actual sock yarn. And by that I mean I used yarn that says 'sock yarn' on the label. It's Müller Super Sport Strumpf, this was pretty much the only color they had left. Someone in Zagreb had raided the yarn stand in the Müller drugstore by the time I got there.

Still, this was a nice blend of neutral colors and the yarn is not hairy like some yarns tend to be, so I got a pair of nice, smooth socks.

The pattern was a bit confusing, I must have read and re-read that thing a hundred times before I finally figured out what it wants me to do. But it was worth it, I love the way these socks turned out. Especially the cables that run along the side of the toe, then part in the gusset section and turn back into a cable on the leg part.
Pretty satisfied with the short row heel as well, no holes in my wraps and turns for once.

Next project: Drops bag form Marija (Unitas yarn). I hate this yarn. It's not stretchy, it's coarse, I think the needle requirement on the label is wrong and I just really, really dislike it. 
And in addition to being a yarn snob, I think I also became a needle snob. After knitting with Knitpro needles, the other brands are just not good enough. The ones I'm using here are Prym. Not as smooth as the Knitpro and the cable is not as bendy. Combined with the awful yarn, knitting this bag is making my hands hurt. 
But at least I'm using up my stash.