Sunday, February 27, 2011

T-shirt reconstruction...

... always wanted to try it. I had this long sleeved lavender colored t-shirt from United colors shrinks-in-the-wash-a-ton. It got to a point where it revealed far too much of my tummy to be wearable. Plus the neckline was a bit too low. So I decided to fix that. 

I sacrificed another t-shirt, and simply sewed bits of it to the lavender shirt. I didn't bother with finishing the edges, since the original shirt didn't have finished edges either.

Of course I messed up. The fabric glue I used to glue down the ends of the new neckline seeped through. I had to add a fabric rose to cover it up. I was going for Sporty spice with this recon, but got Girlie spice instead. Oh well, it doesn't look that bad.

I also made a braided necklace, just for the heck of it, the kind that was all the rage on the internet recently. If you're going to do this, use a t-shit that doesn't have side seams. Or at least one that isn't XS, so you'll have enough material to braid with.

Ogrlicu sam čak i nosila na poslu. Komentar kolegice: Ča ti je to, neka špaga? ;))

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ruler? I don't need no freakin' ruler!

Except that I clearly do. As you can see in this very askew quilted (or is it patchwork?) tote below.

In a spur of late night inspiration I finally figured out what to do with this Sublime Stitching embroidery I stitched ages ago.

Getting a ruler out and measuring everything seemed like too much work, so I decided to eyeball everything. Big mistake.

Turns out you really do need a ruler for quilting. Or at least a good eye.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I have really stupid reasons when it comes to choosing patterns that I want to knit.
Sometimes it's the color of the modeled garment. Other times it's the photo of the designer's finished object (like it looks so pretty in the snow, let's knit it, even tough my version probably won't ever see any snow). This time it was the name.

Let me embarrass myself completely by telling you that I d
ecided to knit the Castiel hat just because Castiel is the name of a character on the TV show Supernatural. About two brothers that hunt demons and monsters. Castiel is an angel that helps them. Yes, I watch that. And it's really not so stupid as my description makes it sound. Right, moving on. Here's the hat on my head:

I bought the pattern and spent two nights trying to figure out the tubular cast on it calls for. Finally gave up when I realized it looks
horrible. I went with the long tail cast on I always use.

Finished it in about a week, and then took some pictures at night and in the morning. Too dark during the night, too bright this morning, hence the lousy quality. It has nothing to do with my photographic skills. Or lack thereof.

During the past week I also somehow managed to add this to my already big stash of yarn:

Clearly I have a problem. Or more potential hats in my future.