Sunday, February 21, 2010


Oh, how I love Doctor Who! And I love the Daleks! I love the fact that a fan wrote a pattern for a knitted Dalek and shared it with the knitting world.
And I love, love, love how my Dalek turned out.

I used 2,5 mm circular needles (magic looped the whole thing) which produced a nice thick fabric. I sacrificed (or should I say exterminated?) a pillow to stuff it. It's only lightly stuffed, because I didn't want to loose the Dalek shape.

Here is a size reference. He's 21 cm tall.

Here he (it) is in front of his archnemesis - The Doctor and his companion in season 4, Donna. And a fellow Dalek.

One more picture for good measure.

I'm almost reluctant to give him away. But I still have some yarn left (Menada by Tetex, 100% acrylic - it's not too coarse, and not too difficult to work with, although it does squeak under your fingers a bit). I could make myself another one. I will make another one. Probably. Someday.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bobbles aren't really that hard

In fact, they're pretty simple. And here I was, ready for frustration.
Turns out, a bigger pain is trying to do magic loop on a non-fexible 2,5 mm circs. With very pointy tips. Ouch my index finger!

Here's my Dalek progress pic. Almost half way done.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Customs is my nemesis

I ordered yarn from the online Rebecca store last Monday. It got here within 7 day. Super fast. The yarn itself wasn't all that cheap, but I can understand that you have to pay for quality. The postage was also a bit much, but considering how fast it got here, I can accept it.

But the customs fee! Oh, the customs fee which was exactly half of what I payed for both the yarn and the postage! Yeah, I feel a bit ripped off by the customs people. New regulations started this year in Croatia. They state that everything with a price value over 160 kn (about 20 euros) has to pass through customs. And get a nice little stamp accompanied by a bill you have to pay if you want your package.

Customs is having a negative impact on my knitting. I am not the least bit happy about this. The postage is 10 euros, which means that whatever I order has to have a total cost of 10 euros. How many skeins of non-acrylic yarn does that buy me? Not enough, that's how many!

So I guess I won't be buying any yarn online anytime soon. Which is a shame, because Rebecca has a really nice choice of colors and fibers. And a really fast shipment. Damn, you customs regulations!

Still, this parcel is totally worth the money I payed.
The black Merino Soft is going to be Sexy Vesty for my friend. The orange Wollywasch is for me. Probably also a vest of some sorts, because I only ordered 6 skeins. I was trying to save money. ;-)