Sunday, January 29, 2012


As far as sleepwear goes, I don't think there's anything as warm and comfortable as flannel pajamas. I came to this realization only after I began sewing - and after I made my first pair of flannel pajama pants. Soooo sooooft. I've since made about 3 different pair of flannel pajama bottoms, but never got the courage to make a pajama top. Until now. 

The fabric store was having a sale and this flowery flannel caught my eye. It was actually the only flannel fabric they had that wasn't pink or pastel blue/green. I bought about 3 meters and went online to find a pattern. 
I chose Simplicity 3571. It's one of those PDF print-at-home patterns. So after printing and taping about a million A4 pages, I set out to make the top. I left out the piping the pattern calls for, the pockets and basically every design element that might be fussy to sew. Mostly because I'm lazy, all for instant gratification and really wanted to be done fast. It still took me 3 days to finish. Because, you know, I had to interrupt my sewing to do stupid stuff like sleep, eat and go to work. 

I messed up the buttonhole placing a bit, they should probably go a little closed to the edge. Too late now.

As far as pants go, I didn't use this pattern, but based them on the ones I made before. Simple elastic on the top, the only seams are on the inside of the legs and the crotch. This only took me 3 hours. 

The pattern for the pajama shirt was relatively simple to follow, but I'm not so sure I like the shape of the collar and the sleeves. They are dolman sleeves (at least I think that's what they're called). The armpit is very low, the only seam goes from the side of the shirt all the way to the sleeve cuff. It's very easy to sew but I just don't really like the way it looks. Maybe I should try to find a patten with classic sleeves for my next 'jam session'.

All faults aside, I love my new PJ's. Nice and comfortable. I adore flannel.

But, in the interest of full disclosure regarding my experience with sewing flannel, I should probably mention that it sheds like crazy and that all the electronic devices and various surfaces in your room will probably be covered in teeny-tiny white hairs. It's still super comfy tough!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Big, big plans

After two whole months of destashing and a serious no-more-yarn policy I came to my senses. And went online. Now the yarn stash is bigger than it ever was, but that's OK. I have big, big, sweater knitting plans.

These plans mostly include Norah Gaughan's designs. I've been eying her stuff on Raverly for a while now. I just love the way her sweaters look, sort of vintage and modern at the same time. Most of her them are published in Berroco booklets though, and they only come in print form. 

After I saw the Eastlake sweater, I finally decided I must make it. Found a copy on Ebay, payed a ton of postage (but as luck would have it - no customs fee, thank you oh generous customs officer that opened my package) and now I'm ready to knit. Behold my treasure.

The green yarn is Sublime Extra Fine Merino, for Eastlake.

The red yarn is Cascade 220. One day it's going to become Beatnik pullover.

I already swatched for both, but I think I'll start Eastlake first. Once I figure out which size to make, and try to make my gauge work with the pattern. 

Meanwhile, I'm still working on a Sea of jeans sweater. I only have the sleeves left. Pictures coming soon...ish. 

And for the heck of it, here's a picture of two Christmas presents I sewed. For my friends who travel a lot - travel fabric themed zip pouches.

Practice one I made. Sewed the tab on the wrong end of the zipper.