Sunday, February 17, 2013

Oh dear...

... almost three months since my last post. Ooops.
Time for another catch up post. I promise I'll try not to make this a habit and I will post regularly. 

Stuff I made since the last post, in no logical or chronological order:


Paulie might be the best cardigan I've ever knit. It's done in fingering weight (Ispe Padova Serenada, 50% merino, 50% acrylic) took forever, but it's light and a pleasure to wear. I love the i-cord bind off and the fact that I managed to find buttons that exactly match the color of my contrast yarn. Shawl collar included short-rows, and as always, they turned out all messy, but the bind-off managed to hide them almost completely so it's all good. 


Julissa is a great pattern. I love the cables and the lace on the front. It also has cables going down the arms - super amazing design detail. Done in ONline Linie 170 Kim, merino-silk combo. I'd like to say the yarn is great, but it's not. Sure, it's very soft and springy, but it pills. So badly in fact, that my sweater already looks old. And I only wore it about 4 times. Very bummed about it. 

Mont Royal 

Hat done in sock yarn. Never occurred to me before to knit a hat with sock yarn. It's probably my favorite hat right now. 

Random other stuff

So there, now we're all caught up. I'm going back to my knitting. I've got a deadline - to knit a vest for my aunt and a cardigan for a friend before the end of March. Haven't even started yet.