Thursday, March 15, 2012

I must knit them all!

Quick Eastlake update: Front done, started the back. I think I got gauge with the needle size recommended in the pattern, but I didn't like the way the fabric looked. So I decided to knit with smaller needles, and still knit my size (34 in), because I wanted the bottom to be a little narrower. I got this: 

So far it looks like it might be just a little too tight. I'm very much hoping blocking will fix it and that it will grow. If it doesn't, I guess somebody else is getting a new sweater. 

Meanwhile, I discovered Zinio and bought a digital copy of New England Knits. I absolutely adore every single pattern in that book and I pretty much decided to knit them all. Starting with the Mystic pullover

Got the yarn for it and now my fingers are literally itching to start. But not before I finish Eastlake.