Thursday, December 24, 2009

This year I got a late start on Christmas crafting. So the grand total of decorations produced to this day is - two. One tiny wreath ornament. And some spray painted pine cones.
Thankfully, I don't work in Santa's workshop, otherwise I'd be in trouble.

This pipe cleaner ornament is made from, that's right, pipe cleaners twisted around a cardboard circle. The idea came from Martha Stewart. The candy canes are just beads on wire twisted to the candy cane shape, the stars are also plastic beads, and the ribbon on top is ... the ribbon on top. It's maybe 8 cm in diameter.

This one was super easy - I had some pine cones saved from this fall and I just spray painted them with acrylic spray paint. The end. The candle and the ho-ho sled are store-bought.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stash update

So I passed my exam. And I rewarded myself with yarn. Lots of yarn. What a great positive reinforcement for studying!

First we have Wonderwool, a yarn by Schoeller+Stahl. It looks terrible once you wash it, but it's super soft and warm. So it will be turned into something that rarely gets washed and is supposed to keep you warm. I'm thinking a colorful garter stripe scarf. And maybe a hat. Me being me, I'll probably only wash it once every two years. Good for the look of the yarn, not so sure about the message it sends about my personal hygiene. How often do you wash your hats and scarves?

Next Merino Mix, also Schoeller+Stahl. Also very soft. This will probably be a sweater of some sorts. I wash those regularly, in case you were wondering ;)

This stash update pretty much used up all the space I have for storing yarn. That means it's time to start knitting! For the sole purpose of freeing up storage space, of course!