Friday, June 11, 2010

When life gives you one skeins, make amigurumi

So, according to Sandra, the best way to solve the one-damn-skein problem is to make amigurumi.
So I did.
I give you Amigurumi Mouse Doorstop. Only mine isn't a doorstop. And to be honest, it doesn't look much like a mouse.

The face of a cartoon, nose of a rat, ears of a koala and the body of those plastic eggs inside Kinder surprise. And a bit asymmetrical too. A Mousekoalarat only a mother could love. Which I kind of do.

I also fiddled a bit with my blog look. Don't worry, that header is not going to stay up there for long.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Swirly Tswirl

Finished! Before summer! Yay!

This was a stash-busting project. I'm on a mission. No more new yarn until I use up all that I have. Or at least until I free some storage room, so that I can put the bag of yarn I keep on the floor somewhere else.

I still have a skein left though. Perhaps I should gather all my one-skeins and make a sweater. It would probably be ugly, but it would rid me of those lonely skeins.

I like the way the pattern came out, love the swirl. But I should have done it with a lower neckline. While I was knitting it and trying it on, I kept thinking it won't cover enough of my um, boobage area. So I lengthened that part. And now it covers too much. I just can't win.

Here's the back. I plan to wear this with a different tank top underneath, obviously. This one was the first one I grabbed for the purpose of modeling.
I also plan to cut those damn ends that are hanging from the straps. Obviously. How did I manage to miss that?

Pattern: Tswirl
Yarn: Lana Grossa Elastico
Needles: 4 mm circulars (and 3,5mm for rhe ribbing and the straps)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Guess I'm in a blue mood

As the warmer weather approaches, then leaves again, and comes back for a day, only to be scared away by torrential rain, I find myself pulling out shorter sleeved shirts from my closet.
Like this dark blue one, with half length sleeves, perfect for not quite so warm days, but sunny days nonetheless. The only problem with it - it was kind of plain.

So I stenciled it, using a lace paper doily.

A couple of dabs of white fabric paint and a few smudges later I had this:

Also, i finally finished the crochet bag I started ages ago. This was mostly improvised, I started with a pattern, then I messed up, and gave up on the pattern, slip stitched the bottom shut and added the flap for closure.

I'll probably need to line it, because it stretches like crazy.

And here's a blurry shot of me wearing it. The strap is long enough for the bag to go across my chest. The bag itself is 18 cm wide and 24 cm long (yes, it stretched way too much under the weight of my wallet and cellphone - in retrospective, I should have seen it coming.).