Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm waving at fat!

Quick and cute project from the fourth season of Doctor Who - it's the Adipose baby! Pattern by mazzmatazz, it took me about five hours altogether. I only used up half a ball of white Merino Mix (Schoeller+Stahl) I had in my stash. This is by far the cutest thing I've ever knit.


  1. Oh!!

    Did you keep a copy of the pattern??

    I have been trying and trying to find one as a surprise for my wife - she knits, and the Adipose were the first Doctor Who beastie she actually thought was cute - and to keep a promise to our sone who wants a cuddly Adipose for Christmas

  2. Sorry, I was knitting while looking at the pattern online, it was a quick knit. I didn't see the point of saving the pattern - who knew it would be taken down.
    But I read that mazzmatazz is working on a book of Doctor Who patterns, Adipose included. Don't know when that will be out tough.

  3. Oh, thanks anyway.

    I guess it will have to be the book for Christmas, with a promise for the new year...