Sunday, February 21, 2010


Oh, how I love Doctor Who! And I love the Daleks! I love the fact that a fan wrote a pattern for a knitted Dalek and shared it with the knitting world.
And I love, love, love how my Dalek turned out.

I used 2,5 mm circular needles (magic looped the whole thing) which produced a nice thick fabric. I sacrificed (or should I say exterminated?) a pillow to stuff it. It's only lightly stuffed, because I didn't want to loose the Dalek shape.

Here is a size reference. He's 21 cm tall.

Here he (it) is in front of his archnemesis - The Doctor and his companion in season 4, Donna. And a fellow Dalek.

One more picture for good measure.

I'm almost reluctant to give him away. But I still have some yarn left (Menada by Tetex, 100% acrylic - it's not too coarse, and not too difficult to work with, although it does squeak under your fingers a bit). I could make myself another one. I will make another one. Probably. Someday.


  1. I have to admit that I don't know this little guy, but he is cute.
    I don't like the yarn that you are using, but it is ok for toys.

  2. Nedavno je i moje malo zlato H počela gledati Doktora who i bulji u TV opčinjena! Ne smijem joj pokazati tvog Daleka - predivan je, poželjela bi ga i ona a ja ne želim i ne želim imati posla s bobbles!

  3. Ah, vidim ja da gledam pogrešne serije... da gledam Dr.Who valjda bih i ja plela tog daleka, ovako moja hiperaktivna mašta sanja o pletenju džempera jednom R.Armitageu ili R. Penry-Jonesu ... kako bih rado isprobavala pletivo na njima svaka 2-3 reda ... da budem sigurna u točnu mjeru ;-)

  4. nista someday pravi ti to sad inace nista od toga. ispao je odlican!!!ma super odlican!