Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This post is about Lost

My favorite show is coming to an end. Only one episode left. This makes me sad. Very sad. Lost, in addition to making me happy, sad, frustrated, confused and generally leaving me with my mouth open saying huh?, has also inspired a lot of my craft projects.

So it’s only fitting that I should say goodbye to the show with a craft project. This is a cross stitch of the first quote that popped into my head when I was thinking about stitching something from Lost.

Live together, die alone is mentioned several times throughout the show and I think it captures the spirit of the show nicely.

I also added the numbers, obviously, because what is a Lost cross stitch without the cursed numbers?

And the six symbols represent the six seasons – like the show, I too am all about symbolism.

From left to right: Oceanic airlines logo (very proud of how it turned out), The Island (meh, it needs a polar bear. Or a fuselage. But it’s too tiny to have all that), Dharma logo (the plan was to embroider the word Dharma in the circle, but again, too tiny), Ben’s time traveling bunny, the ankh from the giant four-toed statue, and the “Now you and I are the same” wine bottle (or Evil trapped in a bottle, with the cork as the island, if you’re into symbolism).

I still need to iron it, and have it framed.

I realize that this post makes absolutely no sense if you don’t watch Lost. So I apologize, my dear blog readers. And I promise that after this Sunday, I will go back to my knitting.

But you can expect more Lost related crafts from me in the future. Because Lost is very quotable. And awesome.

Last week most of us were strangers. But we're all here now. And God knows how long we're going to be here. But if we can't live together—we're gonna die alone. (Jack, White Rabbit, Season 1)


  1. Great cross stich. My husband and I are all set up to watch on Sunday. Sad that the show is ending.

  2. I haven't the foggiest idea what you're talking about but I sure like the embroidery (both the idea and the work).

  3. I stumbled on this and AAAAH ITS AMAZZZZING WANT

    I LOVE the six symbols for the six seasons. It literally gave me goosebumps.

    I'm going to be sobbing so hard on Sunday night, I just know it....

  4. The minute I saw this on Flickr, I called to my husband -- "you HAVE to come here and see THIS!" It is amazing. Of course we are Losties. I have no idea what we will watch when Lost is over. We liked FlashForward, but it has been canceled.

  5. Ne znam osobu koja barem nije cula za LOST - sada je pratimo na FOX televiziji, svakog vikenda, mada nekad preskoce.... pa mislim da je sad stiglo negde na pocetak 2. serijala, tako da mi imamo jooooos mnoooogo da gledamo :) A jest, meni je tako sa knjigama, neki serijali jos nisu ni zavrseni, uzas pravi !!!
    A vez je ... ostala sam bez daha !! Tako je pedantan, pravi tribjut omiljenoj seriji!

  6. Ovim vezom postaješ fan nad fanovima!

    Jako lijepo izvedeno.

  7. Ja sam prije puno gledala LOST.Neznam ni sama zasto sam prestala, i sad mi je zao da nisam pogledala sve epizode, nemogu se opet ukljuciti kad sam propustila nekoliko sezone :(

  8. Saw this on Mr. X Stitch, and LOVE IT! This is the first Lost craft I've seen and now I'm totally inspired. Enjoy finale night!

  9. Rad je za svaku pohvalu. Loredana

  10. wow, nisam znala da si fan te serije. ja sam pogledala prvu epizodu i to je bilo to. Onda sam pokušala gledati Heroje - ni to nije išlo.
    Mislim da nikako nisam materijal za FANa! (osim kad su u pitanju Ubojstva u Midsomeru)

  11. I love the show and my older son is really crazy about it. great idea, like the embroidery so much.

  12. Do you happen to have a pattern of this you would be willing to email or sell me?