Sunday, June 6, 2010

Swirly Tswirl

Finished! Before summer! Yay!

This was a stash-busting project. I'm on a mission. No more new yarn until I use up all that I have. Or at least until I free some storage room, so that I can put the bag of yarn I keep on the floor somewhere else.

I still have a skein left though. Perhaps I should gather all my one-skeins and make a sweater. It would probably be ugly, but it would rid me of those lonely skeins.

I like the way the pattern came out, love the swirl. But I should have done it with a lower neckline. While I was knitting it and trying it on, I kept thinking it won't cover enough of my um, boobage area. So I lengthened that part. And now it covers too much. I just can't win.

Here's the back. I plan to wear this with a different tank top underneath, obviously. This one was the first one I grabbed for the purpose of modeling.
I also plan to cut those damn ends that are hanging from the straps. Obviously. How did I manage to miss that?

Pattern: Tswirl
Yarn: Lana Grossa Elastico
Needles: 4 mm circulars (and 3,5mm for rhe ribbing and the straps)


  1. Sarić, top je odličan! Jest da sam mislila da je vesta dok sam na Flickru gledala slike u izradi, ali ...
    Imam ideju za one-damn-skein problem - amigurumi!!!!!!!!

    Buduci da ti je linija mrak - mozas slodobno nositi i bet majica ispod!

  2. Top ti je mrak, proseci ga sto prije.

  3. Odličan rad, bravo, savršeno ti stoji! I ovo za zalihe, i ja sam rešila isto. Ajd' videćemo dokle ćemo se toga pridržavati:)!

  4. Prekrasan rad i vrlo pohvalna namjera da se riješiš stasha :-)

  5. Predivan je topić, jako mi se sviđa!