Monday, December 6, 2010

It's raining and I can't think of a catchy title

The latest thing to come off my needles are super warm socks, made for my aunt. She's the person who really made my knitting possible.

I learned the knit stitch from my grandma, learned the purl stitch from a book, but it was my aunt who taught me that you alternate the two in order to get stockinette. Before that, I was just doing the knit, purl and then more purls, and was freaking out why it's not coming out like in the pictures. So my aunt deserves all the thanks in the world for clearing that out for stupid me. A pair of socks is the least thing I can do for her.

She also knits, but not so much anymore. She used to make slippers for my mom, my brother and me. This is her work:

As for my work, I'm still knitting the Basic Black.

Or 'The never-ending cardigan of never-ending neverendingness'.

I've been at it since September. I have no idea why I'm so slow with it, it's a simple stockinette cardigan. I still have the sleeves to finish, and then block and seam the whole thing, and pick up stitches for the button band. Like I said, never-ending.


  1. Yes, the socks really look small! The Basic Black will be a never-ending pleasure to wear. Every time you put it on, just think how much time and effort you put into it. (I do it with one of my fingering weight sweaters every time ;) )

  2. Još samo malo i završićeš.... Ne daj se!

  3. Sporo ti ide baš zato jer je tako jednostavan bod, što jednostavnije na kraju postane dosadnije, zato nikako da dovršiš. Čarape još nisam pokušala plesti, ove tvoje mi djeluju maličke, ali već smo jednom komentirali noge za koje su namijenjene ... ako me pamćenje služi ;-)

  4. hello dear frined. just crossing. you are doing a tough job knitting. it asks for a lot of patiennce. maybe too many things are happening and you cant get down to work properly

  5. Sometimes the most simple knits take most of the time.