Sunday, February 27, 2011

T-shirt reconstruction...

... always wanted to try it. I had this long sleeved lavender colored t-shirt from United colors shrinks-in-the-wash-a-ton. It got to a point where it revealed far too much of my tummy to be wearable. Plus the neckline was a bit too low. So I decided to fix that. 

I sacrificed another t-shirt, and simply sewed bits of it to the lavender shirt. I didn't bother with finishing the edges, since the original shirt didn't have finished edges either.

Of course I messed up. The fabric glue I used to glue down the ends of the new neckline seeped through. I had to add a fabric rose to cover it up. I was going for Sporty spice with this recon, but got Girlie spice instead. Oh well, it doesn't look that bad.

I also made a braided necklace, just for the heck of it, the kind that was all the rage on the internet recently. If you're going to do this, use a t-shit that doesn't have side seams. Or at least one that isn't XS, so you'll have enough material to braid with.

Ogrlicu sam čak i nosila na poslu. Komentar kolegice: Ča ti je to, neka špaga? ;))


  1. Skroz je simpa i boje su odlično uklopljene!

  2. Super cool! Love it! I have a ton of t-shirts that are too short (no, they haven't shrunk, it's my tummy that's got bigger!) so I might use this clever trick!

  3. e neš' "oooopsija" - i dva put povečala sliku da skontam o ćemu pričaš!!!!!

    Odlične ti boje za kombinaciju! Jako jako sviđa!!!!!

  4. Svijda mi se ova tamno crvena boja! I materijali izgledaju prefinjeno. I ja imam puno majice koje trebaju prepravke, ali nikako da nesot uradim po to pitanje