Monday, July 9, 2007

Charm necklace and yup, more crochet

I was at a local craft store, checking out some beads, when I stumbled upon these cute charms. They were selling them together with a flower charm, and I just had to buy it. I finished the necklace in about 15 minutes, most of which were spent trying to figure out exactly where to cut the chain. I added some beads on the little chain in the middle, but overall I just tried to keep it simple. It closes in the front, with a lobster clasp. I have absolutely no outfit in my closet that I can combine it with. Time to go shopping! ;-)
Click on the pic if you want a better look.

I'm still at it with crochet. Simple, easy, beginner crochet. I think I finally figured out the single crochet and double crochet stitches. The rest just confuses me. I used my scrap yarn to practice and ended up with a bunch of coasters. Well, three, if you want the exact number. The purple ones are just basic single crochet squares, about 10,5 cm wide. As for the blue one, it was supposed to be a flower. I started out with a pattern, but after a while it became obvious that I have no idea how to read a crochet pattern. So I improvised. A lot. I made some mistakes, so it's far from perfect, but still not too shabby for my first try.


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