Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Nutkin and a bag

Wow, it's been a month since I last updated. I don't have much to show, lately I seem to be the world's slowest knitter.

I finally finished my Monkey Market Bag. This thing stretches like crazy. It's bigger on the inside, so to say. It just expands and holds a ton of stuff. I'm a little worried about the handles being able to hold all that weight, but I've used it to carry books and besides the bag stretching practically all the way to the floor, nothing else seemed wrong. I just might make another one for groceries.

Monkey Market Bag
Needles: 3 mm circ
Yarn: Mirabela mercerized cotton in green and orange (or gold, as the saleslady called it. Looks orange to me.)

I also started some socks. The pattern is Nutkin, top down, with short row heel and toe. What I've learned from this one is that my short rows definitely need more practice. I keep ending up with holes.


  1. I like the colours of both your projects. You could try lining the bag so that it doesn't stretch that much. I had that problem with some of my bags and lining kind of solved it (although it doesn't work for handles).

  2. Torba je divnih boja, a sve pletene torbe se jednostavno moraju postaviti da se ne bi teglile. Čak i ručke, ili njih možda treba raditi od nekog čvršćeg materijala. Sa divljenjem gledam čarape, nikada ih nisam plela!