Thursday, September 4, 2008

Red Green Gable

It's done! Just in time for crappy, cloudy, looks-like-rain weather. Hence the lousy photos.

This was a really simple and easy knit. I used different yarn, so guess that's why my collar is higher than the in the original pattern. I also added a few rounds of stockinette to the sleeves. Following my great tradition I bound them off a little too tightly - but it's OK, I still have circulation in my arms.

It's not blocked yet, I'll have to wait for sunnier weather, otherwise it'll take days to dry.

Pattern: Green Gable
Yarn: Lana Grossa Estate
Needles: 4 mm and 3.5 mm
Time it took: 15 days

I also ordered new yarn! Online yarn stores will be the death of my wallet. But look at the pretty. It's Davos by GGH. The color is called petrol, it's a kind of dark turquoise. I bought 10 skeins, now I have to figure out what to do with them.


  1. The red green gable is gorgeous and it looks great on you!

  2. Green gable soots you well. You have wonderfull figure, I must say!

  3. Pohvale za majicu, odlično ti stoji, šta ćeš da praviš od ovog drugog prediva?

  4. Hvala svima na komentarima ;-)
    Pojma nemam sto cu s ovom plavom vunom, bila je to impulzivna kupnja. Neki pulover za zimu, valjda.