Thursday, November 27, 2008

Brought to you by the letter U

I'm trying out a new craft - embroidery!
I already had a hoop, originally bought to be a stencil fram
e. And I went and got some floss. Just look at the pretty :

The embroidery itself isn't really that difficult. Sure, my hands were killing me when I was done, but still, worth it.
I traced a letter from a dingbat font, called Old Car. The letter U was this cutie below. Don't ask me what king of car it is, I know as much about cars as I do about brain surgery.

I started with 6 strands of floss, then got smarter and separated it, to use only three. The entire image is done in backstitch. As you can see, I have some troubles with straight lines.

I'm planning on sewing some sort of pencil/cosmetics case out of it. Someday.

Quick Buttony sweater update: half a sleeve done, one and a half sleeve to go.


  1. Obo┼żavam vez, dugo nisam vezla! Sada si me podsjetila na davne dane!

  2. Wow, this looks great! I love embroidery but have mostly done cross stitches. This is far beyond my abilities.