Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gray Day Vest

My latest and greatest in knitting - The Green Day Vest. Except mine is gray. This was a great pattern, once I figured out all the math needed to make it in my size, with different yarn and needles than suggested. This is the worst part about knitting, the constant need for mathematical calculation. I suck at math. I suck so bad, that I always cast on at least twice. First time's always too wide. I never seem to get it right. The calculations for this vest took almost an entire
afternoon. I kid you not, that's how awful I am with all things mathematical.

Apparently I also suck at reading charts - I messed up the beginning of the front cables by repeating all three cable symbols in the pattern. You're only supposed to alternate between the first two. Other than that, everything went just peachy.
I did the the front knit panel/strip/the thing between the two cables in 4 stitches, but 2 would have been a better choice - it would have looked better as a continuation of the mini cable in the hem rib.

I changed the ribbing on the back (all part of my brilliant calculation), because I had to adjust the pattern to the reduced number of stitches. My rib is K4, P2.

The armpits are a little tight, but they don't cut off my circulation completely, so it's all good.

The side cable - done in only 6 stitches, again, because of the different CO number.

The details for this project:
Pattern: Green Day Vest
Yarn: Unitas Marija (wool/acrylic blend), 5 skeins
Needles: 5 mm circular (done in the round)
Time it took: about 10 days


  1. This is absolutely, unbelievably, incredibly beautiful! I like it better than the original vest. And it looks so good on you! I think the maths has paid off because it fits you perfectly (ok, the armpits could have been looser, but they're not too bad). In short, an excellent job!

  2. Jako mi se dopada i odlično ti stoji!

  3. You did an excellent job of making this vest your size, I too like it better than the original. If you can do this, you never need to buy a store bought sweater again!

  4. I thought I had posted here long time ago but, apparently I was wrong (Ravelry, maybe?! )
    I just love this vest! AND, I'm falling in love with Unitas yarns again! Marija and Ana are my favourites!