Sunday, January 11, 2009

Forgot to take a decent picture

I recently bought Doodle Stitching from Amazon. It's a nice embroidery book, which explains the basic stitches and offers some projects that you can do yourself. The projects in it are really easy and cute.

The only problem I have with the book is that the patterns themselves are printed in pale pastel colors. You're supposed to copy and enlarge them, but no photocopier (the black and white one)
can copy those super pale lines. I ended up freehand copying most of the pattern and this only showed me that my drawing skills were left somewhere in the 4th grade of primary school. 'Tis a sad realization, I tell you.

The book shows you how to embroider and sew a couple of cute woodland plushies - an owl and a raccoon. They were made as part of Christ
mas presents for my friends, and I forgot to take a good picture of the damn owl before giving it away. I ended up using my cellphone. Yup, this is the best my Nokia can do.

See the difference between the phone camera and a digital one?

I've also been knitting. Said knitting is currently drying on the balcony. This might prove to be a huge mistake, because the temperatures here tend to drop below zero lately. Freezing can't be good for the yarn. But I really didn't feel like blocking it flat - that takes space and effort. I'm lazy.

I'll post pictures of the finished Green Day Vest (that is actually gray) once it's done drying. The post will probably include some whining about it not fitting right due to bad blocking.


  1. It's cool!

    (What does "doddle stitching" actually mean ? )

    What did you stuff them with?

  2. They are gorgeous! The raccoon is a cutie if ever there was one! Your embroidery skills are truly impressive!

    If I understand well, doodle stitching would be something like 'embroidery of freehand drawings'?

  3. Yup, doodle stitching is exactly that - you embroider something you drew. Not very different from actual embroidery, if you ask me. But I suppose doodle refers more to simple drawings, the kind of scribbles you make while talking on the phone.

    I sacrificed a small decorative pillow to stuff them. It's was filled with gray polyester fill - the stuff Americans buy and I can't seem to find anywhere. So when my pillow ripped, I had a duh! moment. I've stuffed all my toys with the insides of that same poor pillow ;-)