Monday, May 18, 2009

Hello Kitty!

Finally back at my computer. I've been on vacation, took a little trip to Zagreb, bought a ton of Madeira embroidery floss there, did some cross stitch, finally finished my 88-17 cardigan and now I'm back home and counting the hours I still have before going to work.

The cardigan is still wet and blocking, but here's a good example of why you shouldn't do cross stitch without writing down the color number of your thread.

Notice something off in Hello Kitty's head? Off white, that's what! I started with some leftover white thread by Madeira, ran out and threw away the little wrapper it came in. When I went to buy some more, they only had that what your see above. Silly me, thinking white is white. Nope. There are shades, apparently.

I still finished it, even if it is with the wrong color. I'm impatient like that, I just wanted it done.
Someday I might unpick it, or start again from the start.
There are a lot of things I'm not happy about - my thread keeps twisting (letting the needle drop and untwist doesn't work) and I keep pulling little thread strands to the front of the work. The back is a mess, in case you were wondering.
Oh well, practice makes perfect, right?

Hello Kitty pattern is from Sanrio DIY Crafts.


  1. Ma nema veze što bijelo nije jednako bijelo, ionako mačke nisu jednobojne ;-)
    Što se tiče uvrtanja niti, postoji metoda pri radu koja se zove "railroading", gdje prije nego upikneš u rupicu platna trebaš iglom proći kroz nit. Ovako ti možda nejasno zvuči, ali ako pogledaš ovdje:
    sigurno će ti biti jasnije. U početku je malo nespretno, ali kasnije postane mehanički ...

  2. haha, slatka je!
    Idem sad i ja da učćim ovu tehniku (ako ja i vezem! :) )

  3. Ne primeti se jako što nisu iste nijanse, važno je raditi, uostalom vežbaš, pa posle može i da se ispravi...