Thursday, May 21, 2009


Here we go : the DROPS cardigan I started in February is finally completely finished. I used up almost nine skeins of Lana Grossa Cool Wool 2000 (in a color called lavender). Originally I started out with 7. So much for my magnificent calculation skills.

The cardigan was done last week. From February to May, that is the longest I've ever worked on a knitting project. Hell, on any project. The cardigan is knit form the bottom up, sleeves are done separately and then added to the same needle as the body. This part was a bit touch and go, as it was a total pain to knit the round sleeve part back and forth on one long cable needle. But it turned out well in the end, I think.

The lowest lace border has a ton of mistakes in it, I ripped and reknit that part three times before I gave up and left it as it was. It's hard to notice, anyway. At least that's what I tell myself.

It was a wee bit short before blocking, so I tried to stretch it out a bit. Turns out I stretched too much.
Now it's about 3 cm longer than I'd like it too be. But I think I can live with that.
The buttonholes should have been closer together - when I button it up, there's some gaping, and not a nice closed buttonband.

(click to see biggers pics, sorry about the glare, it was sunny)

I guess I'll just have to wear it unbuttoned. It's going to the closet now. Because I finished this 100% wool cardigan just in time for 30 degrees Celsius weather. Go me!

Pattern: DROPS 88-17
Yarn: Lana Grossa Cool Wool 2000 (lavender), 8 and a half skeins

Needles: 3 and 3.5 mm

Time it took: 73 days (OK, 59 if you count in the days I waited for the extra yarn to arrive)


  1. Oh, it's gorgeous! And the model looks great in it! I'm not a great fan of lavender but after this I may change my mind. The "mistakes" that you mention are invisible and, as a result, nonexistent.

  2. Nema potrebe biti toliko samokritičan ... rijetko tko napravi apsolutno savršeno pletivo, radi se o tome da ima onih više ili manje sposobnih sakriti nedosatke ;-) Boja lavande je ove godine vrlo moderna, tako da ćeš na jesen sigurno imati dovoljno prilike obući taj kardi moderne boje... i nisi jedin koja dovršava pletivo upravo kada počinju paklene vrućine - i ja sam u tom klubu.

  3. lovely! and it's the mistakes that make the work unique ! ;-)

  4. Jako je lep i dobro ti stoji, to je najvažnije. Greške se ne primete, to samo ti znaš!