Friday, August 14, 2009


When I was a kid, "The Smurfs" were my favorite cartoon. I've recently stumbled on a episode on youtube (here in Croatia, the show was dubbed in our language) and it brought back fond childhood memories.
I actually still use some of the quotes from that cartoon, like the unforgettable "Ima li još puno, Papa Štrumf?" ( How much further, Papa Smurf - from the Astrosmurf episode).

But my favorite character was Grouchy - Mrgud in Croatian. His random exclamations of hate cracked me up. I find his wisdom to applicable on so many things in everyday life, one of them bei
ng housework. Especially dishes. Washing dishes. Drying dishes. Dishes.

So, with Mrgud in mind, I sewed a dishtowel out of aida cloth and stitched my most honest opinion of dishes.

Imagine Grouchy saying in his grouchy voice: I hate dishes!

That's what I do everytime I look at this. It makes me chuckle a little. And then my face gets the same expression as Grouchys when I realize it's time to do the dishes.

Mrgud/Grouchy was done on 22-count aida cloth, with only one strand of floss. It took me about a week to finish.

The back is a mess and that's the reason it's not pictured. I'll probably sew a patch or something on the back, before I use the towel for drying dishes. Or maybe I should forget about function, trim the cloth, frame the cross stitch and display it in my tiny kitchen as the universal truth?


  1. Ovo vrača uspomene! Imala sam čak i poster Štrumfova. Ne sjećam se koji mi je lik bio najmiliji, ali sestru su svizvali Licko (po Licku iz Štrumfora, naravski).
    A do prije par mjeseci i ja bih rado u kuhinji objesila krpu s vezom "mrzim suđe", ali otkako imam perilicu ... ljubim suđe sve u 16!

  2. jao, koja super fora! :)))))) Odličan je!!!!!!!

  3. You didn't want to actually use this dishcloth, did you? I'd frame it if I were you and from the remaining aida make 10 more and hang them all in my kitchen, that's how much I hate dishes :)

  4. I just stumbled across your blog through MrXStitch and what I've seen by now is pretty awesome stuff.
    I need to read all of it :D

    Did you have a pattern for this piece or did you do it yourself?
    Would you share it pretty please? *flutters eyes*

    By the way... I used a the "how much further" quote just yesterday ;)

    Love from Essen, Germany


  5. @charly : I just added a grid across the biggest resolution pic of Grouchy I could find online. It's not a very clear pattern, I improvised a lot. Here's the link to the picture:

  6. Thank you alot :)

    Do you have a tool to add a grid?
    I tried a few times manually with pen and ruler or with a simple image editing software, but that mostly was a pain in the ass.


  7. I use Photoshop. As far as tools go, that one's the best ;)
    This is the tutorial I used for Grouchy ""

  8. Thanks again.
    You're the best :)

  9. Mrgud je i moj omiljeni Strumf.
    p.s.Divan blog.