Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pintuck T-shirt

After more than a month of working on this, I finished my Pintuck T-shirt.
The pattern was great, easy to read and to follow. A lot of short rows, and while I generally dislike those (I end up having holes all over the place) it resulted in some nice shaping, especially on the sleeves.

I used different yarn than the pattern calls for (as always) and fumbled a bit with the size - I think I started with XS and ending up doing half of the shirt in S. I should have written it down I guess.

Due to my marvelous XS/S sizing changes, the bib is a bit too high. Actually, way to high. Also, the shirt is a little tight in the armpits. Someday I will knit a short sleeved shirt that doesn't cut off circulation in my arms. Someday.

A real knitter here would have admitted defeat, would have frogged the pits and the bib and re-knit the whole thing. Not me though. I am far to lazy to do that. It's taken me too long to even get to the bib, no way am I going back now that I've washed the damn thing and sewed the buttons on.

Besides, it's only tight if I move my arms around too much. It'll be okay for those two times I'll actually wear it.
It's shameful, but I hardly ever wear the stuff I knit. Want to know why? Because I don't dare tossing them in the washing machine and hand washing is such a pain in the ass. We've already established that I'm lazy.:-)

Pattern: Pintuck T-shirt
Yarn: Lana Grossa Elastico, 3 skeins
Needles: 3,5 mm
Time it took: 48 days


  1. Wow! It is perfectly shaped! It emphasizes your (fabulous) figure fabulously. The sleeves do look a bit tight, but I disagree about the bib. To me, it looks as if it should be like that. Great work!

  2. Mnogo je slatka, a stoji ti odlicno!

  3. Jako lijepo si to napravila i jako lijepo ti stoji ... nadam se da ćeš nositi, nema smisla da radi pranja ne nosiš nešto što za sebe napraviš.

  4. xs/s? WOW!
    Uglavnom, prekrasno je ispala. ne primjeti se da "bib" zateže!

  5. wow, it looks beautiful. I actually like the shape of the sleeves! :)