Saturday, November 21, 2009

Back by popular demand ;)

I haven't posted anything in the past month, because I literally had nothing to blog about. My craftiness has reached a stop.
It had to be sacrificed while I study for ... no idea what it's called - the exam you have to take after having worked in your field for a year. State exam? Expert exam? The exam that is sucking the life out of me and taking away precious time I could be spending crafting? Yeah, that one.

Anyway, no craftiness from me, at least nothing until Christmas.

But here are some random stuff I did ages ago, and never posted.

A crochet rectangle... thing. Just another reminder that I need to move past the damn single crochet, and learn how to work in the round, so that the stuff I crochet aren't flat rectangles, but cute toys. But at least I found a use for this thing. It goes really well with my couch.
See how amazingly useful a crochet rectangle can be? ;)

Next up - a wall decal I did to add some decoration to the wall above the couch. I cut it out of some self-adhesive wallpaper, just started cutting, with no plan whatsoever. Now that I look at it, it might need something else. But I have no idea what. A flower somewhere? More leaves? Random swirls? Or should I just leave it like it is?

The wall next to that one is still bare, I plan to add some framed art to it. When I find something I'd like to put there, that is.

And we're back to geometrical shapes. A potholder. Love the mushroom fabric. Of course, I managed to spill cocoa on it, the very first time I put it to use. Now it's a stained potholder. But you can admire it here in its fresh-off-the-sewing-machine stage.

OK, that's it from me for November. I'm going back to studying. Or banging my head against the table frustrated over the fact that nothing I read sinks in.


  1. You have to love the mushroom fabric!!
    And I have a little comment about the leaves on the wall. I really like-love the part with the leaves, but there something that I don't like about the lower part of the application. I don't know what it is,I just think that there is something missing there, or it should be done some other way.

  2. I like the wall thing - you even taught me a new word (decal)! Wish you good luck with the state exam, hoping it's not as brain-damaging as here!

  3. This time just a few words of encouragement and wishing you the best with exam.

  4. Ostavi listiće tako, ja ne bih ništa dodavala! Držim ti palčeve da položiš te ispite, navali:)!

  5. I veliš da nemaš o ćemu pisati!!!!! Get out of this city!
    Zid, mala,zid je fantastičan!!!!!!!!
    A glede heklanja - ako misliš položiti giga mega težak ispit - ne započinji - to ti uđe pod kožu! I nema povratka!!!!!!

  6. good luck with your exam!
    regarding wall decoration - leave it as it is, it looks beautiful!

  7. What stitch is that on the little crocheted rectangle? If you don't mind, could you email me back at please?