Saturday, July 17, 2010


After spending two weeks in Zagreb, I'm finally back home. I was a good girl, I only bought six skeins of bright cotton while I was there, to use for amigurumi. Only six, that's not so bad, right? Right?!

Ahem, well, moving on. I did do some knitting, it's drying on my floor as I write this. Pictures are coming as soon as I get the cable that connects the camera to the computer back from my brother.

Meanwhile, here is something I did before leaving for my vacation. As soon as I saw this fabric in the store I had to buy it. I mean, it has cows on it!

I made a bag.
And since the cows seem to be all about some sort of kitchen activity, I also made a potholder. Want to know how to spell 'disaster'? B-I-A-S T-A-P-E. That's how.
Freaking bias tape and my freaking bias tape binding skills. It went fine on the one side, but when it was time to sew on the other one - crap. I probably should have hand-stitched it all around with blind stitch, but that seemed like too much work.

So I got this. Still usable, just not all too pretty.

Also, pieces of thread poking around everywhere. But I love the cows.

I'm trying to decide what to knit/sew/embroider next, but to be honest, it's too hot to do anything. 9 AM and it already 34 C. Too hot!


  1. Nema razloga za toliku samokriticnost! ... i pohvalno je sto nisi upala u stash napast ;-)

  2. Samo 6 štrengli!? Skromna si, nema šta!
    I meni kose trake zadaju problem, ali kravice su fantasične!

  3. Čuj,niš' nisam pročitala jer ovaj maerijal i kravie samo toliko odvlače pažnju da mi okie bježe samo na njih!!!!!!!

  4. Prekrasni su jastučići s kravicama, materijal je fantastičan!