Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Firefly

I often wondered how designers name their patterns. What is the inspiration?
I'll tell you what's mine. TV. I like to knit while watching TV. This is why I really like stockinette stitch - it's boring, true, but I can knit it without paying attention to my knitting, and focusing on the TV screen instead.

I sometimes find myself thinking about my past projects in connection to whateve
r was on the TV while I was knitting them. Like, my Twsirl. I could probably call that one "The Wire Season 1 tank top".

This summer, I had a little
Firefly re-watch. Amazing show. And during the time I watched, I was knitting a short sleeved cardi, the pattern of which I sort of (or, um, completely) based on this one. But since it's not really the Babydoll cardi, I had to think of a name for it. Firefly seemed like a logical choice, it is after all, shorter than 'that cardi I made while I was watching Firefly in the summer of 2010'.

It still needs something to button it up a bit. I'm thinking about a hook thingy, or something similar. Not really sure what. Maybe I'll just add some crochet ties.

Sorry about the glaring, blurry picture.

This was done top down, on 3 mm needles. The yarn is Mirabela, mercerized cotton.


  1. kakav rad, kakva linija ;) pattern obavezno napisi, sigurna sam da ce biti popularan na Ravlery. Ali ipak da te upozorim - pisanje patterna je velika gnjavaza, ocekuj milion pitanja!

  2. Iskreno, meni se više dopada tvoja verzija od one originalne :-) Posebno volim što pleteš fitted.
    Obavezno prijavi ovaj rad na "modification mondays" kod

  3. Sva sreča da si freak glede tv serijala - tko zna kad bi ovako nešto jednostavno i prekrasno nastalo!

    Sve pohvale za izbor Mirabelle!!!!!!

  4. 4 F's: fantastic figure, fantastic fit :)