Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oh, quilt!

I'm sadly reporting that I can't sew a straight seam even when I'm using a ruler. And by ruler I mean a long ruler, two of those triangles for trigonometry and even a quilting ruler. Still no straight seam. Sad, sad realization for me. 

This is my attempt at making a quilted placemat. It turned out too small to fit a plate because yours truly forgot to calculate in seam allowances. DUH! 

I'm also having issues with sewing on bias tape to bind the finished quilted piece. And my quilting leaves much to be desired. I realize now that I'm miles away from my goal - making a bed-sized quilt with perfectly straight seams and prettily arranged blocks. 

But don't worry, I'll get there. 

And as you're sipping your coffee made by your food replicator, surfing on your holographic computer while waiting for the hovercraft to bring you to the international space station for your annual vacation on Mars, you're gonna say: That is the most perfectly straight seamed bed-sleeping pod sized quilt with the prettiest arrangement of blocks I've ever seen!


  1. :)))))))))

    You'll get there! Quilting seems like such a difficult, difficult, thing to me, so I admire you for making it even this far! And I really like the back - both the fabric combination and the quilty action going on there :)

  2. I've been reading your blog for some time but decided to comment now cause this is such a crucial topic. I have the same problem and I don't know how people make such straight seams - I'm green with envy when I see those beautiful and perfectly made quilts. But I'm sure you'll get there. And I hope to get there too!
    Good luck!!

  3. Oh, you're already on your way there, girl! I can't even make a seam on a tea towel!!!

  4. kako sto su svi rekli, i ti ides prema perfekciju..mozda trebas malo vjezbati..ja ne mogu niti napraviti ovo tvoje, tako da tebi ovo ide bolje od meni :D

  5. Vidim da su te več svi prije mene utješili - pa da se ne ponavljam!
    No, ak misliš da nemreš dobiti straight lines - uvijek ti ostaje opcija "ali ja sam to bapš tako htjela!" Problem solved!

  6. Nećemo čekati let za Mars ... pohvale već sada idu tvojim radovima :-)