Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Voodo time

Not actual voodoo. But there are pins involved. 
In my regular rotation of crafty preoccupations, where I only do one craft intensively for a longer period, forgetting all others, the time has come for sewing, occupy me.

And when I sew, there are pins everywhere. I usually just throw them on the table, as I'm pulling them from the fabric, and then they inevitably fall from the table to the floor. Every sewing project of mine ends up with a 'pin search' on various surfaces - table, floor, sewing board, chair, couch. It's like the little suckers have legs. I also poke myself with them a lot, but that's another story.

Finally, I decided to make a pincushion. Heather Bailey's Square deal pincushion

You're probably wondering what a duck has to do with sewing. I do to. But the cotton yarn I used for that crochet flower was still on the table, and the duck simply matched it in color. 
Crochet flower pattern here if anyone's interested. 

Right after I made this pincushion, I hemmed some jeans. Guess what I did with the pins? That's right - they were all over the table, the floor and the chair. And my brand new pincushion was standing right next to my sewing machine, unused. 
Old habits die hard - so true.


  1. It is BEAUTIFUL! Like the colour combo a lot!

  2. sve je tako lijepo i privlačno! Tkanina mi je odlična a i taj malenio coaster! melting!