Thursday, July 21, 2011

How a potato stopped my knitting

On my needles right now: Uhura. I was in Zagreb recently, came back home with a load of Unitas cotton (yes, after I said I wasn't going to add more to my stash. What can I tell you, I'm weak.), including this blue Dada, a cotton/viscose blend. I was pumped to knit this, I'm on vacation, have all the time in the world, there was no stopping me. 

Except all it took to stop me was a potato. And a sharp knife. Yup, I went to peel a potato, but peeled half of my fingertip instead. There was more blood than on an episode of Walking Dead. And it turned out that my left middle finger is one of my knitting fingers. Go figure. 

It's better now, but I'm trying not to make it worse by adding pressure to the finger. And the band-aid keeps snagging on the yarn and pulling the viscose fibers. So the knitting is now on a break.

But sewing isn't. It would seem that the left middle finger doesn't play such an important role when it comes to sewing. So I made a fishing hat. 
I adapted a Burda pattern for a baby hat, more or less successfully. 
My measurement was a little off, so there's some bunching of the fabric on the rim. 

Also here's another embarrassing confession: I had to google the formula for circumference of a circle. It would seem my math skills (if I ever had any) have completely evaporated. 

And I sewed the rim a bit unevenly, so it's longer on one side than on the other. But I guess it can pass as extra protection from the sun.

So I'm ready for the beach. I just wish it would stop raining every single day. C'mon, I'm on vacation!


  1. o da, znala sam da ne buš izdržala povečati se zalihu! A i tko bi to odolio u Unitasu!

    Krumpire guliš nožem? pa to više ne rade ni oni u Etiopiji - kupi ono čudo za guljenje - i moja Lola ga zna koristiti (u slučajevima velike gladi kad mama štrika a dijete bi tako rado mrkvu)!

  2. Eh, ne znam jesi li tako htela, ali ja sam se smejala dok sam ovo citala :) - uporedjivanje sa Walking Dead i ostalo :)

    I ja preporucujem ono cudo za guljenje krompira, stvarno svaka cast izumitelju ! Radi i na sargarepi i tikvicama...

    Sesir je nejednak ? Ja nista ne vidim ! A vreme ... sta da ti kazem, izgleda da je zelja nas da prestanu tropske vrucine ovog puta nadvladala.... sad vi.... :)

  3. Damn those potatoes! But, it did turn out for the best, though, didn't it? The hat, I mean. Looks great, hope the sun will come out soon.