Saturday, November 26, 2011

From Norway with love

A friend's birthday was a few weeks ago, and I decided to make her fingerless mittens. Had to buy new yarn for them, she loves pale blue, and I didn't have anything pale blue in my stash. So I bought one skein of Ispe Padova Serenada and used up all of it. Really, after I bound off the second glove, I only had about 30 cm of yarn left. That was cutting it kind of close. 

The pattern is Garden Trellis Mitts, I really like the mesh detail in the middle of the glove.

And since the mitts were done really fast, I went straight ahead on another project. And I used the yarn left from my Caitlin sweater. The From Norway with love hat was in my queue ever since I decided it was time to figure out colorwork.  I can't really say I figured it out, but I certainly developed the most awkward colorwork technique ever. 

I tried holding both yarns in my left hand - that only led to major tangles. I spent more time untangling the strands than actually knitting. 

Then I switched to holding my main color in my left hand, and the contrast color in my right. Knitting with both hands! How exciting! How completely and totally awkward and uncomfortable! 

I can't for the life of me figure out the whole English knitting thing. When I wrap the yarn, I drop the needle and sort of use my whole hand to make one single stitch. I hold the project with my knees so it doesn't go anywhere. It's slow. And creates weird and different tension compared to my Continental knitting of the main color parts. But I did the combo for this hat. And it turned out superfine, if you consider the disaster that it could have been. 

You can notice funky tension here and there, but only if you look real close. 

Not only does it protect my ears from the cold, but my eyes as well ;)

I just messed up the size and made it 2,5 cm too long. Ironic, since most of the hats I make barely cover my ears. But I guess I can fold the ribbing. 

Before blocking this thing threatened to crush my skull, it was that tight. It's amazing how loose it became in a nice Perwoll lukewarm bath. I blocked it on a balloon, so I think that helped too. 

All in all, I'm really satisfied. I love the rows of hearts. I kind of want to make a hat with rows of ducks next, to work a bit on my tension issues. But I think I'll CO for socks instead.


  1. I also used to hold the main colour in my left hand, cause that's easier and there's more stitches to be done in the main colour. But then I found out about yarn dominance... It really works, so you might want to think about it in the future, when you're practicing (see here: )

    None of which is to say that your hat isn't great! :D I have this in my queue as well, should really get to it...

  2. Nice FOs. I especially like the mitts. I'm on the look-out for the right pattern for some handspun. That might be it.

  3. @fridica Thanks, I think I'll knit a matching pair of mittens, and I'll try the left hand for the contrast color. I read about yarn dominance before, it was all 'yarn carried below, yarn carried above' ie very confusing for me. So I decided to ignore it. ;-)

  4. Rukavice su bas lepe, romanticne i nezne :)
    A i kapa, nekako nenametljiva srca, iako ih ima mnogo...

    Evo par video linkova koji ti mozda mogu pomoci za pletenje u dve boje:

  5. Bolje da ne velim kako sam ja nekad plela s 2 boje - to je bila totalna sramota koliko sam vremena gubila! Danas, zahvaljujući netu - to ide puuuuno lakše i brže!
    Kapa je ispala bolje nego one na Rav slikama!

  6. Love the mitts, love the hat. Knitting while holding two yarns in both hands works perfectly for me.

  7. Super ti je ispala kapa!
    ja isto trošim otprilike isto vremena na otpetljavanje kao i na pletenje kad radim colorwork, to sam uzela kao dato :) a za fair isle pletenje nekako razdvojim konce oko dva različita prsta na lijevoj ruci, nakon malo vježbe mi je išlo lakše