Sunday, November 13, 2011

Keeping my feet warm

After catching a massive cold two weeks ago, I thought it's time to be a little more proactive about my health and make sure my feet are warm. Or maybe I just wanted to use up some of my yarn. I doubt warm feet will protect me from the people that cough and sneeze in the bus. 

First up - crochet slippers. Not the same size, because I really don't know how to count crochet stitches. Pattern is here

And very short socks, because I only bought one 50 g skein of Regia sock yarn. These were done two at a time on one circular needle. In retrospective, I could have made the toes a little less pointy (by casting on more stitches). 

I'm also not very satisfied with my short row heels. Holes! Holes everywhere! 

Next time I'll do some research first, to see if there's a way to avoid the holes. I'm sure there is, it seems like there's a technique for everything. 

Like the amazing Judy's magic cast on and Jeny's surprisingly stretchy bind off that I used on these socks. Pure magic. 


  1. I avoid the holes by avoiding the short-row heel :D The slipped-stitch heel is sturdier, prettier, and characterized by a marked absence of holes. :)

  2. Who cares about holes when the colours are so eye-catching! :)

  3. Savjet za nejednake slippers: prekriži noge u gležnjevima i tko bu vidio!
    Rupe u short rows - wellcome to the club! Jednom sam naišla na genijalan tutorial kako to napraviti ohne rupe - ali mi je sve favorite ubio virus! No, bacit ću se u potragu sebe radi, pa ti javim.
    Inače, baš zbog ruba čarapa volim ih počinjati top-down! A short rows heels je ista s koje god strane se krene raditi!