Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mostly hats

So, after wanting to knit Eastlake for what seemed like ages, when I finally got the pattern book and the yarn, and started knitting, I somehow lost all interest in it. Instead I switched to hats. 

A rasta hat, for the son of this lady I work with. Done in mostly acrylic yarns of different weight, this hat gave me hell before I figured out how to make it look decent. What saved it was the fact that I increased a lot of stitches after I passed the ribbing on the brim, so the stockinette doesn't stretch that much. That way you can't really tell that it's knit with needles to large for the yarn weight. 

Next up, a DROPS hat pattern. Looked great on all the other people on Raverly, on me - no so much. The yarn is a bulky 80% wool, and even tough it's knit with 8 mm needles, the hat came out a bit stiff. When seen from the front, it makes me look like a mushroom. So I did something I never ever do. I frogged it. The yarn was just too expensive to be a hat that I wasn't ever going to wear.

Aaaaand, the crown jewel. Here and there hat, knit with Malabrigo Worsted. I must admit, I was skeptical before I ordered this yarn. Everyone on Raverly was raving about its softness, and I was thinking: How soft can it really be? The answer: Very, very, very soft. Super soft and very light. The finished hat is also very warm, it might just be my favorite hat ever.

I'm currently working on yet another hat, for my dad. I'm getting rid of some black GGH Merino Soft I have in my stash. After I finish that one, hopefully my Eastlake enthusiasm will come back long enough for me to finish it.


  1. Ne znam, meni ova druga uopste ne izgleda lose.:) Ali, u pravu si- ako nesto nece sluziti svrsi, bolje je oparati ga i napraviti nesto drugo.

  2. Ohooo, koja galerija. Imat ćeš više kapa nego ja šalova. :))))
    Here and there kapa je JAKO interesantna, promaknuo mi je taj bod.
    Malabrigo je božanstven.
    A koja je ovo vuna cigla boje na srednjoj slici? kao da je malo tvid? jako mi se sviđa.

    1. Ova u sredini je Boing, proizvođač je BBB filati. Ne mogu nigdje naći tu vunu na internetu, nije u Raverly bazi, čak ni na stranicama proizvođača. 80% vuna, mislim da i je malo tweedy, ima nekih žućkastih komadićaka u niti. Grozno skupa.

  3. blago tebi s tolikim kapama! Meni stoje kao kravi sedlo! U biti izgledam poput kakvog idiota u komedijama!