Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Today's post is brought to you by the letter S and the number 3.

S as in Sorbetto, a free pattern from Colette patterns. This top was a huge hit around the sewing blogosphere a while back. I'm a little late as far as sewing trends go, but I finally decided to see what the big fuss was about. Sorbetto is a simple (relatively) fitted sleeveless top with bust darts and a center pleat. It was my first time ever sewing bust darts and also my first time putting in bias binding around the neckline and sleeves. The result - freaking nailed it. At least I think so.
The instructions were amazingly clear, every step well illustrated, so well in fact, that I decided to buy the Colette book, even tough most of the patterns are for skirts and dresses (and I never wear those).

I made my own bias tape, with my bias tape maker. I bought it years ago, never used it and pretty much thought it was a failed purchase. But now I see that it was the best investment ever.

The fist Sorbetto is all linen. Linen is a great material to sew with, easy to cut and easy to put together. But a total bitch to iron. And to wear, because it creases so easily and isn't really flowy. 
For the life of me, I can't seem to photograph red stuff.

I'm really satisfied with the fit, the darts are hitting my boobs where they're supposed to, and the bias binding experiment turned out great. The neckline is a little too wide/open for my taste, especially in the back, but that's something I tried to fix on Sorbetto nr. 2. I still had some batiste fabric left from my Burda blouse, so I used that. 

I'll iron this thing one of these days, promise.

And the third Sorbetto is for my mom. She wanted a v-neck. Took a while before I figured that one out (many a sheet was sacrificed in the muslin making process), especially with the bias binding. But here's a great tutorial I used. Man, I love the Internet! 


I understand now why the sewing community went nuts over this pattern. It's simple, easy to sew, easy to adapt and you only need a couple of hours of sewing and you have a finished top. Super instant gratification!

In other sewing news: Look what I bought from romantales

This pile of Burdas is keeping me quite busy - I just love leafing through them and making big, big sewing plans. Some of the patterns are truly timeless, some are obviously making a comeback in this years Burda, and some are sooo amusing. Check out the shoulders on this lady: 



  1. Mislim da ovaj put nemaš prigovora na sašiveno ... kao što rekoh napredak je sa svakim projektom više nego vidljiv.
    Drago mi je da si se zabavila prolistavajući burde, lani sam se prepala kad su rekli da se vraća moda 80-tih - kao, nemojte da opet budemo izgledale kao trokrilni ormari s podstavljenim ramenima; srećom, ipak nisu vratili u modu široka ramena, jednom je bilo sasvim dovoljno!

  2. Fantasticno sasiveno! Moj favorit je crvena S :)

  3. moram i ja probati ovu majucu, izgleda preslatko...tebi je otvor velik meni ja bas super..i ja volim prelistavati burde, a dosad nisam niti jedna pattern probala

  4. Crvena je i moj favorit- nemam ama bas ni jednu zamerku:)

    A moda osamdesetih, a pre svega mislim na naramenice- ne hvala:):):)