Monday, June 11, 2012

Meine Nähmode 1/2011

I got this magazine a year ago from a dude who sells old Burdas, Cosmopolitans and computer magazines on the street. The sewing patterns in Meine Nähmode are pretty much old Simplicity patterns with instructions translated into German. That's great, because Simplicity has really detailed instruction, which are great for beginners like me. Lots of diagrams illustrating almost every step. Super great. What's not so great are the the double sizes. Lots of patterns are listed as 36/38. Or S/M. How can a fitted blouse be 36/38? 

I finally decided to try one of the patterns. This one comes in smallest size 36, which according to the 'Maßtabelle' is pretty much my size (give or take a centimeter here or there. Mostly give.). It's a simple jersey top, the kind that's pretty much all over the stores now. 
I was very careful to cut everything out just right, and followed recommended seam allowance. But I think I either messed up the sewing, or there is no way this thing is size 36. It came out slightly too big. I think. Because the bust darts aren't exactly hitting my bust. But the material is viscose jersey, it falls nicely and the print is so loud it pretty much distracts from everything else.

Things I would have done differently : moved the darts a bit and made the neckline less wide. Omitted the pleat on the sleeves. You can't really tell from the pictures, but there's this pleat thing going on on the sleeves. It was supposed to look cute, but it kinda doesn't. 

Also, let me just say: Sewing with jersey sucks. I managed to make a very neat bias binding neckline with a twin needle, but when I tried to do the same on the sleeves, I failed. So much puckering. Eventually I went crazy, cut the whole bias tape off the sleeves and hemmed it normally with a zig-zag stitch. 
Hemming the bottom hem was a complete nightmare as well. I ended up putting in that no-sewing seam tape thing, and top-stitched with a twin needle. I'm guessing I need to work on my tension adjusting, but my Elna sewing machine only allows me to adjust the top thread tension. 

The more I sew the more I realize I have so much more to learn. Bummer. So much in fact, that I have resorted to knitting therapy. 


  1. Ne znam kakva je bluza u originalu pa ne mogu da kazem da li je tvoja ispala dobro ili ne.:) Meni nije lose ispala, mozda bi mogla malo da uvuces kod rukava i u predelu grudi. Ali uopste nije lose ni ovako. Super si uredila porub na okovratniku(?).
    Pletenje mu dodje kao meditacija:)

  2. Kao što sam ti već rekla, sa svakim novim projektom se vidi napredak i to je jedino važno; kod ovako šarenih uzoraka greške ionako samo ti vidiš, a platno je takvo da dobro pada, pa taman i ako je malo veće, nije vrećasto.
    Ovo pletivo je početak kardigana pretpostavljam?

  3. Nije kardigan, nego pulover. Isprobavam novu tehniku - contiguous - ramena i rukavna kugla se pletu dodavanjem očica, poslije se nametnu i očice za prednji izrez, spoji se i plete u krug. Nema šivanja. Baš me zanima što će mi ispasti.

  4. Aaah, knitting therapy! Works every time :)

  5. Konacno sam napravila listu zurnala koje prodajem, ako te zanima mozes vidjeti ovdje:
    voljela bih prodati sve u komadu, nemam volje niti za aukcije niti za raspordaju komad po komad. Cijena je mislim povoljna, niti pola vrijednosti Novog lista.

  6. It actually looks pretty cool. I'd suggest using jersey ball point needles (if you aren't already) and decreasing the tension from a 4 (for sturdy wovens) to a 3 or even a 2. Some jerseys, however, just aren't awesome to sew with, skipped stitches etc..