Sunday, April 21, 2013

Linda's Quilt

My quilt for my friend's baby is finished. She gave birth to a baby girl a while back, so I decided to make a quilt for little Linda. As far as colors go, I realized that my talent for combining colors is practically non-existent, so I bought a pack of fat quarters in my local quilt shop - I left the color combo choice to people smarter than me. I like the purples and lilacs, I just hope baby Linda will too. Or, you know, her mother ;)

This quilt only took me a week to finish. I got the fabrics on Monday, prewashed and cut them on the same day. On Tuesday I pieced together the 35 blocks that make this quilt. Squared them all up on Wednesday, sewed all the blocks into rows and finished the quilt top on Thursday. Basted on Friday, did free motion quilting on Saturday and finished sewing the binding on Sunday. One week. I probably would have finished sooner, but there's this thing called work that I have to go to. But hey, it enables my yarn and fabric purchases, so it's fair trade. 

The pattern for this quilt is called Falling Charms. I found the tutorial on the Missouri Star Quilting Co. on youtube. I love, love their videos. This is a really easy one, and it comes out super cute. 

My original plan was to quilt this using straight lines. So I sewed four lines along the long side of the quilt. And then I had to rip all those long lines out. Turns out that you really need a walking foot for straight line quilting. Really, you do. 
My backing fabric bunched up and sort of got pulled in the direction I was sewing in. Since I sewed all the lines in different directions, I got a wrinkly mess on the back, that kind of looked like chevron. Not cool. So I ripped everything out, cursing my stupidity all the time. Note to self: check what's happening on the back of the quilt! 

Eventually I did my standard free motion stippling. And then I went out to get a walking foot. They didn't have it in the store, so they had to order it. I'm impatiently waiting for the shop lady's call, can't wait to try that foot. I have such high hopes for it. ;) 

Linda's quilt measures 82 x 113 cm (45x32 in). The batting is polyester, everything else is cotton.

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