Sunday, May 5, 2013

Little lavender pillows

As I was packing my hand knit sweaters away for the summer, it occurred to me that it would probably be a good idea to protect them from moths and other bugs. So I decided to make some lavender sachets.

First up (actually the last one I made) - little quilted star. The points don't match, the seams are way too bulky, and sewing and ironing all those little triangles nearly drove me mad, but at least I tried. I like this star block, I will probably make it in a bigger block. The one above measures about 8 cm. The entire pillow is about 12 cm. That's actually pretty large for a lavender sachet, but I bought way too much, and I'm trying to use it up quickly.

So yesterday was pretty much all about sewing tiny pieces of fabric together, trimming the sewn material into squares, sewing little pillows and stuffing them with dried lavender buds. And then blind stitching the opening I used to pour the stuffing in.

I have tons of scraps from my quilting projects, so much in fact, that I realized that I could make a massive amount of tiny sachets, or pincushions. I'm well on my way of doing just that. 

Here are all the lavender ones:

These two above include my attempts of stamping on fabric. Too bad I don't have a lavender stamp. It was either the flowers or a little tractor and a garden bucket. So I chose the flowers.

Little log cabin quilt block. These little pillows are a great way for me to try out different quilt blocks. 

Totally randomly pieced scrappy block. I just kept adding more and more fabric until I was happy with the size. It turned out great, I think.

As I was surfing in search for cute block patterns, I stumbled onto this tutorial for a Cathedral window pincushion. Instant reaction: must make this. How cool does this thing look? And it's so easy!


  1. Ne znam koji mi je lepsi od kojeg!!! Nije bitno sto ti se na onom prvom ne poklapaju uglovi, i dalje izgleda predivno! Ako ih budes napravila toliko da ne znas sta bi sa njima, ja se prijavljujem za udomljavanje. Stvarno su predivni!

  2. Prelijepi su! Šteta ih je staviti u ormare da se ne vide

  3. Pre-pre divno ! :)
    Volim kad su stvari i lepe i korisne, a ove svakako jesu.
    I postala si prvi majstor, zaista svaka cast !

  4. Lepo i korisno.:) Moj favorit- Cathedral window pincushion.