Thursday, April 26, 2007

Adventures in fake silkscreening

Stenciling is fun, but cutting out the stencils can be a real pain in the ass. I hate that part. With a passion. The best thing about stenciling is peeling off the stencil and admiring your creation. Love that part.
For a while now I've been thinking of trying out silk screening. No cutting out tiny details. But it does involve chemicals and expensive ink. Ink that I can find anywhere here. Plus, I don't have a screen. So I gave up on the idea completely. Until I found this here tutorial.
Apparently, you can transfer an image onto a t-shirt super simple and super cheap. All you need is a photocopied image (toner works the mojo) and paint thinner or acetone. I went with the acetone, since I already had it around the house.
I printed out some images and went to a photocopy place to copy them. The lady working there asked me if they were designs for a tattoo and whether I'm getting one. Sure I am ;-)
Went home, pulled out a t-shirt and some old knickers and hoped the thing works. It kinda does.
But only on old knickers.

I'm guessing it's better to have a white t-shirt. Or more toner on the image. Or maybe the acetone doesn't cut it and I should go and get lacquer thinner.
Oh well, at least I learned a new crafty skill.


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