Friday, August 24, 2007


I finished the Ribbed Lace Bolero and I'm not at all satisfied with how it turned out. It's way too big for me. Guess I swatched wrong or measured my shoulder span wrong. It actually fits my brother (yes, I made him try it on) rather well, and he has much broader shoulders than me.
I made it from Schoeller Stahl 100% cotton, and washing it only made it stretch even more. I tried to fix it by sewing it under the armpits, but that made the lace part gather around the sleeves.
Now I'm facing a dilemma - to rip it or just leave it as it is. Right now it doesn't look all that nice. Which is a damn shame, beacuse I love, love that lace pattern. At least that turned out pretty.
Oh well, I won't be wearing it much anyways, the summer is practically over. Guess the decision what to do with it will have to wait till next summer.


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