Friday, August 10, 2007

For Tori Amos fans

This bag is part two of the gift for my friend Lea, whose birthday is this Sunday. She is a huge Tori Amos fan, so I decided her favorite singer should be the theme for the bag.
I made it from black and white canvas, lined it with white cotton material, added a zippered pocket in the lining, and a zipper to close the bag. The dimensions are 32 x 28 cm, with a 7 cm wide bottom. Took me about 4 hours total to make.
Now for the fun part: The white stripe with the lyrics is just white canvas, and the lyrics are there thanks to the great magic that is Avery Iron-on paper. I copy/pasted random lyrics from various Tori songs, some from the ones my friend told me she loves, and the others that I liked
. My favorite song of hers is China, which I'm told "real" Tori fans hate. Oh, well, I had to put it in there. Besides, my friend likes it, and if she's not a real Tori fan, I don't know who is.
Some not so clear pictures of the finished bag:

Fun part number two: I also lined the bag with lyrics. He he, that sounds cool, lined with lyrics. I took a black fabric marker and just wrote lyrics on the lining before sewing it together. It's the entire China and little of Cool on your island on the part with the pocket, and on the right it's Sleeps with butterflies.

Lining pre-sewing and on the finished bag:

If anyone cares, here is the list of all the songs on the front stripe: Bouncing off clouds, 1000 Oceans, China, Northern Lad,Playboy Mommy, Mrs. Jesus, Snow Cherries from France, Bliss, Talula, A sorta fairytale, Silent all these years and Crucify.


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