Sunday, October 14, 2007

Thermal progress and some cozies

After exactly 10 days of knitting in waffle stitch, this is how far I got with my Thermal. I passed the placket point, put the front pieces on hold (thank you, scrap yarn for finding a purpose for yourself), bound off for the armholes and I'm about to start knitting the back. The only problem is that I've just about had it with the damn waffles. The thought of sleeves terrifies me. And I'm not so sure I'll have enough yarn. So far I've used up 4 and a half out of 8 balls. Meaning the sleeves better need only one ball, 1,5 max. Otherwise I'm in trouble, because I'm not so sure I'll be able to find the exact same dyelot of this thing.
Not to make this post all boring and all about Thermal, I present all the iPod cozies I made for my nano. Only 3 away from having one for every day of the week. Shown in the picture in the order they were made. From knitting flat, to knitting in the round, to colorwork (my first) to the one that's supposed to have some sort of closure, but I never get around to finding a button for it.


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