Saturday, October 20, 2007


Taking a break from Thermal and knitting needles and replacing them with some paper, scissors and glue, of course. Can't do anything without glue.
I decorated my "old but never really used" spiral notebook with some decoupage paper I got in a magazine. Casamia, I think. Well, actually Le idee di Casamia. It's an Italian home decorating magazine. My Italian sucks, and I only buy it for the freebies inside, such as the mentioned decoupage paper.
I completely forgot how badly I suck at decoupage. Everything came out wrinkly when I applied a coat of varnish over the glued paper pieces. Either I didn't put enough glue, or I out too much. Or I didn't wait long enough for everything to dry.

Like I said, wrinkly:

I also made a bookmark form a magazine ad. Again, wrinkly. No varnish on this one tough. Clearly I have glue issues.

I guess I should go back to my knitting now. The body of the damn sweater is done, I just need to knit the sleeves. Can't seem to find the motivation tough.


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