Sunday, November 25, 2007

Yet another coptic book

I think I'm really addicted to making these little coptic journals. They're actually quick to make (a day at the max), which is a plus for the impatient craftster that I am. This one is my favorite by far. I spent all day yesterday working on it. I wanted a distressed look, and pretty paper inside. Alas, I only had regular printer paper. So I used that. I soaked it in coffee (gotta love Nescafe instant coffee - great for crafts), all 24 pieces of it. My entire room smelled of coffee. I dried the pages on some string tied to my closet handle and my lamp. It took about two hours for everything to dry thoroughly. For the back cover I used some human spine illustration I found online, and the front is a screencap from House m.d. credits. I love that show!
Anyhoo, here are the front and back.

Open coffee colored pages. I sewed them together with white cotton embroidery thread, soaked guessed it, in coffee. The pic on the right shows the back inside cover. I glued coffee filter paper to hide the glued mess that is under it.

Coptic spine show off shot:

The entire journal smells like coffee, with a slight scent of acrylic matte varnish I used on the cover, to protect the ink jet printed image.

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  1. thats cool looking--can you send me an email of where you found those images?

    (jakeoc19 at

    That would be so awesome! thank you!