Monday, January 28, 2008


My FIMO stash was getting close to being completely forgotten, so I decided to use some of it up. Of course, I didn't use too much, I mostly make tiny things from polymer clay. Like stitch markers.
It's kind of cold in my place, so the clay required a lot of conditioning and kneading. The consequence of that: my hands are killing me. Especially the thumbs.
But enough whining, on to the pics:

Two by two, hands of blue : Firefly inspired stitch markers. I think I may have over baked these, they came out way darker than before baking.

Blue things, not really sure what they are, but they have eyes and little "O" mouths, and I think they look kind of cute.

Lemons and hearts.

Cupcakes from leftovers. Not really sure what the flavor is, but what the heck.

A whole cake and some pieces of cake. The topping on these is transparent fimo, skin color. It flaked a little. And the cake cracked on the top, which you can't see due to my amazing pic taking skills.

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  1. You're a genius! They're so lovely!
    Are they hard to be made?- "Nooo- piece of cake!" :D