Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mushroom Cupcake Embroidery

I'm still on an embroidery kick. These are my latest and greatest. Cupcake pattern is from Pimp Stitch, and the mushroom cottage is an annieoakleaves pattern. They're really small; the embroidery itself is about the size of a coin. That doesn't mean it was a quick craft. The mushroom took almost half a day of stitching. Ouch, my back.

I turned them into little ornaments, just to give them some sort of purpose.


  1. I love the mushroom, it's absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Tako su slatke da mi dodje da ih odmah izvezem, mislim kad bih znala da vezem!

  3. so cute!!!
    love your Buttony sweater, please do the sleeves :)