Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Stitched Ornaments

Well, the title pretty much tells it all.

I made some Christmas decorations. Embroidered, of course. I don't know what's with me and embroidery. It seems to have taken over my craft world.

First up, a pattern from WeeWonderfuls, the
Elf Stitchette. I made mine about the size of a credit card. That's why the details are a bit bleh. Also the reason why the Elf has no hands.

The ornament is from linen, with a layer of red felt between. Cut with pinking shears for decorative effect. And to stop the fabric from fraying.

And for a Doctor Who fan on my list - a Cyberman. Actually, just his head. Right in time for this years Doctor Who Christmas Special, which features the Cybermen. That was kind of a spoiler for the episode, so if I've completely ruined it for you, I'm sorry.

Now I'm off to do some baking. Have a merry and crafty Chistmas!


  1. They are lovely! Especially the first one, so vintage in style, very pretty :)

  2. Your embroideries are wonderful. I can't believe you made a Cyberman ornament. It's really fabulous!