Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I ordered some new yarn from Germany and while I wait for it to arrive, I decided it's time to make some room for it. By getting rid of those lone one-skeins in my stash.

I've had this Ispe Padova Duetto sitting around for ages. They're leftovers from previous projects, I knit a Britannia sweater with the brown one, and Fetching with the blue.
I love, love the blue yarn. It's the most beautiful yarn color in my stash. When I was buying it, they only had two skeins. My Fetching barely used one, so I had one extra left.

And thus I knit some wristwarmers, thinking I'll use it all up in one project. Wrong. Still have about 30 g of the blue one left. And one more skein of brown.
I'm knitting a hat with it, to match the wristwarmers.

They are you basic wristwarmers - a long tube with a thumb. I finished them over the weekend. I love such nice quick projects, instant gratification is the best.
I tried jogless stripes for the first time here - in the second row of the new color you lift the stich below (the one in the old color) and knit it with the new color stich that's on your left needle. It makes for nice stripes, but it creates a sort of spiral along the tube you're working on. I''m probably pulling the yarn too tight when adding the second color - I can't help it, I'm a tight knitter.
I should probably wash them, to make the stiches losen up, but I'm too lazy to do that, and besides, it's raining outside, so it would take forever for them to dry.

Pattern: none, I improvised
Yarn: Ispe Padova Duetto, colorway 93 (pale blue) and 83 (brown)
Needles: 3.75 mm DPN
Time it took: Two days


  1. An unusual combination of colours but it works! Well done! Waiting for the hat :)

  2. I like the combo- it's somehow old fashioned (don't get me wrong- i ike it that way!) :)

    Duetto is 50% wool, I made a pair of legwarmers with navy blue for a friends daughter balet classes once and ironing over a damp cloth (for a minute or so) helped the stitches to settle down a bit. The iron should not be too hot though!

    But I really love this yarn- it makes beautiful stitches- and that's exactly how your warmers look like- nice and neat. ;-)

  3. I like the combo too, and I have the same yarns in stash too so you gave me an idea. If you are still interested in the blue one it may be available in my LYS.

  4. Kombinacija boja je odlična i ja se nakanjujem da napravim nešto slično. Kad idem u radnju ili na pijacu, da ruke jako ne zebu!

  5. I love these colors! I love the idea of using yarn leftovers. I somehow have set my mind in not buying new yarn until I use all my stash and leftovers..somehow I think that it's not going to be like that..I can't help my self, I am addicted in buying new yarn and thread.

  6. very nice, I like it! Lijepe boje i odlične rukavice! :)