Sunday, February 15, 2009


Quick little embroidery project - the pattern is Zinnia from Big B, purchased on etsy.
I embroidered it on a scrap fabric, because I wanted to test a new transfer method - the laser printer one. Basically, you just print out your pattern on a laser printer, then iron it on the fabric and it transfers. Greatness!

Sure, the lines are faint and a bit hard to see, but it beats tracing the pattern taped to a window.

Now the only question is - what am I going to do with it?


  1. I would frame it and put it on the wall. It looks soo cute..

  2. It's great! Thanks for the tip about laser printing transfers.

  3. Mnogo slatko izgleda, sigurno ćeš već smisliti šta ćeš s tim!